torstai 2. huhtikuuta 2015

Time travelling into Baroque

In our latest club we traveled into the Baroque with our lovely audience and well-powdered performers. Here's a collection of pictures from this grandeur evening for you to enjoy!

All the pictures were taken by Marco Baron / The Dark Side of Beauty Photography, except the first one (selfie by Pirkkoliisa) and the last one (by Venomous Demise).

Our gorgeous time traveler and always so hip, hostess Pirkkoliisa. For the ones who are wondering what happened to Poppy Pelagia, we heard from Pirkkoliisa that she had mistakenly traveled into Rococo...
Blue n' Bizarre

Ms. Zahara

Nancy Bites

Mimi Carélia

Le Grand Michel and Madame la Comtesse

Veda DeCadenza

Pirkkoliisa and pick up boy Magnus doing their thing

Lorelai Blue

Magnus B.B. Alls

Vera De Vil

Honey B'zarre

moments of baroque dance

Shimmering Sheilas

Shimmering Sheilas

Shimmering Sheilas

Thanks to all time travelers!

Our amazing and stylished DJ Pierrot Le Fou

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