The Sheilas

Kieroutuneella huumorintajulla ja hersyvällä luovuudella varustettu burleskinelikko!

Shimmering Sheilas is a Burlesque troupe consisting of four fantastic fun loving ladies. They are blessed with a twisted sense of humor and are always goofing around and never quite behaving. You can find them performing at different events and of course at the clubs they produce. This shimmering quintet is an unstoppable force of its own, their laughter can brighten up a room and take away the darkest gloom.

Strawberry Margarita is the driving force of the group always coming up with new ideas and constantly planning future events. Her impulsive and vivacious nature usually takes the better of her and she's got her hands full trying to herd the group ahead. She may look sweet as a strawberry, but there is definitely a real kick of tequila in her. If you ever heard her laughter, you won't forget it, she loves to dance all through the night like there is no tomorrow and her burlesque is all about the twirling and booty shaking. She is the girl with the twirl.

Venomous Demise
Drama after drama this toxic teaser shakes her nocturnal ways hilariously untamed. 
This dramatic, heavily tattooed gothic darkling is the most poisonous and devilish member of this group. Her humor is dark and twisted, yet she has the all smiling pin up -girl in her (which she so hard tries to hide). Her neverending limbs move gracefully and elegantly, but you'll never forget the way she'll shake and curve that badass booty. She is also knows as Miss Very Long Legs. 

Layla de Light
The luscious lady Layla is a bit of a lush which can some times take her into awkward situations and this combined with her neurotic bacteriophobia may cause a serious need of long time treatment. Her aristocratic blood lets her believe she can say what ever where ever she pleases. She is keen on decadence, dark nights and Bloody Marys.

Wivian Wondrous
This nature spirit wuthers ethereal breeze laced with twist of irony.

                                                 (Past members: Nina Bomboloni)