perjantai 30. tammikuuta 2015

Winter Wonderland / Helsinki Shake It!

First Helsinki Shake It! Burlesque Club for this Spring is ON FIRE tomorrow! Be sure you won't miss it since you would certainly be woken up from your hibernation by this Wonderland Heat! Here are the wonderful performers of the night:

Bebe Fernet

The Valentino Sisters

Masha de Bordeaux

Shimmering Sheilas

Gilda Alahappo

Sea Breeze 

Bioncke & Sakhira

Lolitah Love 

Lucy & Vivian

DJ of the night is DJ Snorkkeli. Our host is The Queen of queens Lola Vanilla. Pick up duties will be laboured by Magnus B.B.Alls.

tiistai 20. tammikuuta 2015

Shimmer & Shake: Open Stage -burlesque club is coming up at this Friday!

This Friday 23rd January we are arranging an Open Stage -burlesque club at Bar Loose. This event was open for performers to apply; for the newbies or for the ones who have already performed before, but who wanted to try out a new act or perhaps just gather more stage experience.

At our stage we are going to see the following performers:

A Nice Cup of Tease

Amy N. Joy

Theodora Rex

Dahlia Darkstrom

Margaret Toucher

Mindy Mad Magnolia

DJ of this event is Tipsy Mayhem

Doors open at 20:00 and the showtime starts at 21:00.

Tickets from door or here:

You are the most welcome to join our party!

tiistai 13. tammikuuta 2015

Tango passion and go go wildness

The evening of Go Go Tango left us with extensive heat and now we are craving for more. It was a night of passion and lust, yet it succeeded in turning us on with multiple funny little surprises, cats and bats. And one unicorn, yes, unicorn. We saw a Christmas tree altering herself and yes, we did receive glittering Christmas presents! We learnt that a gingerbread cookie is quite a love fool after all. We only dared to desire after those delicious rebelling cherries.

We are sorry if you missed all this enchantment, but to ease your pain - and to remind the ones who enjoyed the action with us -  here is a selection of pictures from this special evening.

All these pictures were taken by Marco Baron / The Dark Side of Beauty Photography.

our DJ of the evening Krista-Jürgen
our presenter Velma Jackpot
Layla de Light

Amy N. Joy

Frank Doggenstein

Venomous Demise & Strawberry Margarita

Bettie Blackheart

Mimi Carélia

Kaisa Saarinen & Hernan Dionysus Ohaco, Pasional Tango Productions

Stella Polaire

Lucy & Vivian

Bettie Blackheart & Frank Doggenstein

Shimmering Sheilas with Marco Di Melanotte