perjantai 20. maaliskuuta 2015

Burlesque Baroque / Helsinki Shake It!

Second Helsinki Shake It! Burlesque Club for this Spring is happening tomorrow! This time we'll time travel into Baroque, so powder your face and keep the corset tight, let's go!

Here are the pearls of the night:

Nancy Bites

Le Grand Michel and Madame la Comtesse

Honey B'Zarre

Vera De Vil

Blue n' Bizarre

Mimi Carélia 

Layla de Light

Shimmering Sheilas

Veda DeCadenza

Lorelai Blue

Our hostess is bubbling Poppy Pelagia

Pick up duties will be laboured by Magnus B.B.Alls

DJ of the night is DJ Krista-Jürgen