lauantai 28. helmikuuta 2015

Sinful Sheilas at Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2015

Today we are going to participate SINful party at Finland's best festival Helsinki Burlesque Festival! We are so excited to choose two of the best Shimmer&Shake-costumes of the evening together with the rest of the Osuuskunta Mielipäivä crew. The reward will be the tickets to our next Helsinki Shake It! -clubs in March and May.

So beware! It might be YOU who has the best costume to really shimmer and shake it!

Have a HOT and Shimmering Festival Saturday everyone!

perjantai 13. helmikuuta 2015

Fantastic Open Stage and Winter Wonderland -clubs in January

Helsinki did certainly get some serious shaking done during these burlesque clubs we had in last month! Here we selected some pictures to show you what went on during those nights - hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

All the pictures were taken by Marco Baron / The Dark Side of Beauty Photography.

***Shimmer & Shake: Open Stage @ Bar Loose***

Hostess of the night Anita Leinistö and the pick up lady Layla de Light

Margaret Toucher

A Nice Cup of Tease

Mindy Mad Magnolia

Dahlia DarkStorm

Amy N. Joy

Theodora Rex

***Helsinki Shake It! Burlesque Club: Winter Wonderland @ Lavaklubi***

Hostess of the night Pirkkoliisa and the pick up boy Magnus B.B.Alls, travelling companions, enjoying their trip to always warm and sunny Winter Wonderland!

Bebe Fernet
The Valentino Sisters

Masha de Bordeaux
Shimmering Sheilas

Gilda Alahappo

Sea Breeze

Strawberry Margarita & Venomous Demise aka Sakhira & Bioncke

Lolitah Love

Lucy & Vivian

Thanks to all Winter Wonderlanders!