tiistai 13. tammikuuta 2015

Tango passion and go go wildness

The evening of Go Go Tango left us with extensive heat and now we are craving for more. It was a night of passion and lust, yet it succeeded in turning us on with multiple funny little surprises, cats and bats. And one unicorn, yes, unicorn. We saw a Christmas tree altering herself and yes, we did receive glittering Christmas presents! We learnt that a gingerbread cookie is quite a love fool after all. We only dared to desire after those delicious rebelling cherries.

We are sorry if you missed all this enchantment, but to ease your pain - and to remind the ones who enjoyed the action with us -  here is a selection of pictures from this special evening.

All these pictures were taken by Marco Baron / The Dark Side of Beauty Photography.

our DJ of the evening Krista-Jürgen
our presenter Velma Jackpot
Layla de Light

Amy N. Joy

Frank Doggenstein

Venomous Demise & Strawberry Margarita

Bettie Blackheart

Mimi Carélia

Kaisa Saarinen & Hernan Dionysus Ohaco, Pasional Tango Productions

Stella Polaire

Lucy & Vivian

Bettie Blackheart & Frank Doggenstein

Shimmering Sheilas with Marco Di Melanotte

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