tiistai 11. maaliskuuta 2014

Wicked Wicca Photo Shoot at One Eye Studio

Here are some pictures taken last Sunday from our photo shoot at One Eye Studio. The making of pictures are by Anna Ahonen! 
Strawberry Margarita by Pete Voutilainen

Getting ready... I guess :D

Taming the mane.

Oh those legs are long Venomous...

Hair business.

Lets see what's in here...

Foot lock with Strawberry and Wivian <3


Happy people.

...and blow your house down!

The man with the camera.

Background funny business.

Waiting for our turn.

I guess I can do this...
Under my spell.

How does it look!

Layla shows how to twirl the cape.

Legs, legs, legs...

Always behaving like a lady :D

Serious posing.

What's in there?



This is where the magic happens...

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